5614 John Givens Rd. Crestview, FL 32539  T +1 305-962-7878


CMR USA, is a full Maintenance and Repair Facility for MI-8 Series Helicopters.

Our company has the capabilities to perform field maintenance for the MI-8 Series helicopters CONUS and OCONUS.


CMR USA, employs fully trained technicians and inspectors, licensed and able to travel to remote sites to perform routine inspections, minor/major repairs, component changes and preventative maintenance, overhaul of fuselages, systems and components, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, repair, modifications, alterations and fulfillment of bulletins for Mi-8 series helicopters (T, P, PS, AMT, MT, MTV-1, MI-17, MI-171 and MI-172).


We have the administrative and technical capacity to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services to MI-8 series helicopters, their systems and components. These services are based on programs established by MIL Helicopters plant, the manufacturers, and commercial operators.



5614 John Givens Rd. Crestview,  FL 32539

Tel: +1 305-962-7878

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